Answers to your questions

What are Grinvitations?

Grinvitations are digital birthday invitations that you customize for your kid and send to your party guests. We take great pride in offering beautiful designs and making the experience of sending the invitations as fun as possible.

Are RSVPs included?

Yup! If you choose to ask for RSVPs, guests can easily respond by tapping a link in the invitation email they receive.

We'll send you an email each day with a summary of who's responded to the invitation.

How many guests can I invite?

There is no limit to the number of guests you can invite.

Can I print my invitations?

Absolutely! If you'd prefer to print them yourself, you can choose to email or print your invitations when they're ready to send.

How much do they cost?

It's free to design your party's Grinvitation. Sending invitations to an unlimited number of guests will set you back $5.

There aren't that many designs

That's not really a question, but we're working on beefing up the library with more designs all the time.

Do you offer thank you cards?

Not yet, but that's something we're hoping to add soon.

Can I ask another question?

Of course. You can drop us a line anytime.